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Country Cars

Country Cars is Australia's largest online auto classifieds for people living in country and regional areas. We cover areas such as NSW Central West, Albury/Wodonga, Riverina, Northern Rivers, New England, North Coast and South Coast. You can view 1000's of used motor vehicles so log on and search today.

My Credit file - Baycorp Advantage

Credit providers rely on your credit file when deciding whether or not to lend you money. If you would like a copy of your credit file Baycorp Advantage offers personal credit file and personal insurance file services.

FREE services are sent by mail within 10 working days of receipt of request. Or obtain a copy of your credit file within one working day for a small fee.

First Home Owner Grant - General Information

To offset the impact of the introduction of the goods and services tax (GST), the Commonwealth has requested that the States and Territories assist first home buyers through the establishment of the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG).

This site gives you the ability to check your eligibility for the grant.

Mortgage Watchdog

Mortgage Watchdog have developed a software product that checks and verifies the amount of interest paid on your mortgage to date - and provides with you with a printed statement, approved by actuaries and major international accounting firms, to present at your bank. As a result of these approvals the banks have to take these statements results seriously; which means you will get your money back. 100% of people who use the product to check their accounts and present their findings to the banks have received their money back.

Australian Fleet Sales

Australian Fleet Sales is an independent used car retail chain with 9 dealerships nationally. It is the only national retail operation specialising in the sale of ex-fleet vehicles, which it sources from trade-ins, approved suppliers and the auction network. Australian Fleet Sales typically has in excess of 1000 vehicles available for sale at any point in time.

No Fuss UK Finance

We get many enquiries for UK based loans, NoFussFinance offer Mortgages, Loans and Insurance - expert independent advice for all your UK mortgage, loan and insurance needs

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