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Mandatory Comparison Rates

Comparison Rate Schedule - St.George Bank Personal Loans (Unsecured)
Issue Date: 10/05/2006
Type Annual
% Rate
Loan Terms and Amounts
2Yrs 3Yrs 4Yrs 4Yrs 5Yrs 5Yrs
Comparison Rates
Variable Rate12.00%18.10%14.52%13.49%13.12%12.82%12.68%
Variable Rate13.00%19.10%15.51%14.48%14.11%13.81%13.68%
Variable Rate14.00%20.09%16.51%15.48%15.11%14.81%14.68%
Variable Rate15.00%21.09%17.50%16.47%16.10%15.81%15.67%
Variable Rate16.00%22.09%18.50%17.47%17.10%16.80%16.67%
1 Year Fixed Rate12.00%18.10%14.52%13.49%13.12%12.82%12.68%
1 Year Fixed Rate13.00%19.10%15.51%14.48%14.11%13.81%13.68%
1 Year Fixed Rate14.00%20.09%16.51%15.48%15.11%14.81%14.68%
1 Year Fixed Rate15.00%21.09%17.50%16.47%16.10%15.81%15.67%
1 Year Fixed Rate16.00%22.09%18.50%17.47%17.10%16.80%16.67%
2 Year Fixed Rate12.00%18.10%14.52%13.49%13.12%12.82%12.68%
2 Year Fixed Rate13.00%19.10%15.51%14.48%14.11%13.81%13.68%
2 Year Fixed Rate14.00%20.09%16.51%15.48%15.11%14.81%14.68%
2 Year Fixed Rate15.00%21.09%17.50%16.47%16.10%15.81%15.67%
2 Year Fixed Rate16.00%22.09%18.50%17.47%17.10%16.80%16.67%
3 Year Fixed Rate12.00%18.10%14.52%13.49%13.12%12.82%12.68%
3 Year Fixed Rate13.00%19.10%15.51%14.48%14.11%13.81%13.68%
3 Year Fixed Rate14.00%20.09%16.51%15.48%15.11%14.81%14.68%
3 Year Fixed Rate15.00%21.09%17.50%16.47%16.10%15.81%15.67%
3 Year Fixed Rate16.00%22.09%18.50%17.47%17.10%16.80%16.67%
4 Year Fixed Rate13.00%19.10%15.51%14.48%14.11%13.81%13.68%
4 Year Fixed Rate14.00%20.09%16.51%15.48%15.11%14.81%14.68%
4 Year Fixed Rate15.00%21.09%17.50%16.47%16.10%15.81%15.67%
4 Year Fixed Rate16.00%22.09%18.50%17.47%17.10%16.80%16.67%
4 Year Fixed Rate17.00%23.08%19.49%18.46%18.10%17.80%17.67%
5 Year Fixed Rate13.00%19.10%15.51%14.48%14.11%13.81%13.68%
5 Year Fixed Rate14.00%20.09%16.51%15.48%15.11%14.81%14.68%
5 Year Fixed Rate15.00%21.09%17.50%16.47%16.10%15.81%15.67%
5 Year Fixed Rate16.00%22.09%18.50%17.47%17.10%16.80%16.67%
5 Year Fixed Rate17.00%23.08%19.49%18.46%18.10%17.80%17.67%

WARNING: This comparison rate applies only to the example or examples given. Different amounts and terms will result in different comparison rates. Costs such as redraw fees or early repayment fees, and cost savings such as fee waivers, are not included in the comparison rate but may influence the cost of the loan.
All comparison rates in this schedule are based on unsecured loan amounts.
St.George Bank does not provide credit at a particular rate for each of the terms specified in this comparison rate schedule.

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